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How to spawn monster in GC

To spawn monster in GC, you can check here

How can I create account?

To create account. Please go to Enter Username or Email and Password. Then click Register button.

There is no bot Ayaka

It's normal if you playing on GIO Server. To do command, please go to Don't forgot to login first before you do command. You can check How can I create account?

How to get Genesis Crystal in GIO?

You can get Genesis Crystal using command mcoin <amount>

How can I delete account?

You can't to delete your account. If you want to start from beginning, you can create new account. Check How can I create account? to create account.

Where is command list for GIO?

You can check here to see command list for GIO.

How can I custom artifact in GIO?

You can't to custom artifact in GIO. If you want to get good artifact, you can use command item add <item id> <amount>. You can check Where is command list for GIO? to see command list for GIO.

How can I get 5* character in GIO?

Use the following command avatar add <character id>. Check GM Handbook to see character id.

How can I change banner?

There is no way to change banner in Public Server (include YuukiPS). You need to host your own server to change banner.

You can check on Or you can check here. You can download data from in-game.

How to fix error 4214 on Android?

If you enter official server, which actually is not allowed to connect to official server using apk launcher mod because it is risky. If you try to connect to Private Server and get this error message, then the proxy failed to change a domain or server to Private Server. You can try to re open the game and try again

How can I do localhost on Android?

If you want to localhost Grasscutter on Android you can check GCAndroid (Discontinued). You can also manual to install Grasscutter with command line.

Where can i get GIO in Android?

You can check on Where is download link for Android?. Or you can check here. You can download data from in-game.

How to add artifact in GC?

You can use command /give <artifact id> x<amount> lv<level>.

Is there Honkai: Star Rail PS for Android?

No. There is no Honkai: Star Rail PS for Android. You can only play on PC.

Is there a command to change stats of a character?

No. There is no command to change stats of a character.

How can I custom artifact in GC?

To custom artifact in GC you can go to this page

How can I get role member in YuukiPS Discord?

You can find the answer on #verify channel to get role member in YuukiPS Discord.

Account not registered

You can check How can I create account? to create account.

How can I change element?

You can use command /prop se <element>, Here is list of <element>: - white : No element - anemo - geo - electro - dendro

You can check this repository: 34736384/RSAPatch for RSA Patch

What is GIO?

Genshin Impact Offline/official. It is 1:1 with official servers for version 3.2 only on Yuuki.

Where is command list for GC?

You can check docs.

Where are Honkai: Star Rail commands and ids?

You can check #resources-lock-sr.

How to level traces?

You currently cannot level traces.

How to get relics in Honkai: Star Rail?

Currently you cannot get relics.

Can I use my normal Genshin game to play on private?

You must have 4.0 or 3.2 to play on Yuuki which you can get from

Can I play spiral abyss?

Play on GIO (3.2) to have abyss and everything else working, you can get it from What do I download to play Genshin private server?. If you play on GC there will be bugs. See comparison between GIO and GC What is different GC and GIO?

Can I play on iOS?

Currently this is no patched ipa available for playing on Yuuki.

I got white screen and then timeout?

Usually the region you are playing on has gone down, check the status page.

How to play quests?

Start the quests with quest main.

What is different GC and GIO?

Command◯ (GIO command is more limited)
Working Storyline◯ (GIO storyline works up to 3.2 content)◯ (GC only works until Prologue 1 with many bugs. You can manually add the story using /quest add command up to 2.8 content.)
Most Domains◯ (GC domain doesn't spawn second wave monsters)
Most Game Content◯ (Open world challenges, puzzles, Spiral Abyss, etc.)
Serenitea Pot◯ (GC might have some errors)
Functional Character Heal✕ (Fully working on GIO, partially in GC)
Functional Food Buffs
Accurate Character Stats
In-Game Command◯ (Open Paimon menu > Cloud Genshin)
Customizable Stats (Character)
Customizable Player Property
Artifacts Stat Modification

I downloaded the Android file, and it's in format. How can I install it?

Simply put, you need to rename the file and remove the .zip extension. After that, you can install the APK.

Will GIO be updated to version 3.6 or higher?

We do not have this answer. GIO may remain at version 3.2.

Can you provide guidance on installing or hosting GIO?

No, we do not offer official support or assistance for hosting GIO. Please refer to RageZone or you can join this Discord server.

I forgot my email or password. How can I recover the account?

If you still remember your UID, you can contact us or send your UID to to initiate the backup process.

I am stuck on Spiral Abyss 3. How can I resolve this?

This is normal if you are playing on GC (Grasscutter). If you want to participate in Spiral Abyss, you can play on the GIO server.

How can I obtain all weapons at once?

To obtain all weapons, you can use the following command: /g wp. For information about the /give command, see /help g.

I have a full team, but it's asking me to equip Amber and I can't do anything.

Create a new account and don't add any characters before starting the Amber quest.

Should I play on GC instead of GIO? Which one is better?

It depends on your preferences. If you want to play quests and access other functionalities, you can play on GIO. If you want to customize artifacts, stats, and more, you should play on GC. You can check What is different GC and GIO? for a comparison.

How to automatically build all characters?

There is no single command to build all characters. You will have to send a list of commands with the items you want from for easiest method. On GC, you can use /enka <uid> to copy a public showcase.

All my characters are level 1, how to max them?

On GC, it is fastest to make a new account and give the characters at the desired level at first. On GIO, you can break 6 then level 90 for every character individually.

Where are Genshin ids?

All ids can be found in the GM Handbook.

Can I use mods on private?

Yes, mods like 3dmigoto are clientside and work on all servers. 3dmigoto mods do not work on mobile.

My team has more than 4 characters, how to remove them?

Use the team command /team remove last until you only have 4.

What do I download to play Genshin private server?

You first need the full game data (PC) or mod launcher (Android) for either version 3.2 or 4.0from For PC, you then need to download a proxy such as YuukiPS Launcher or Cultivation. These links and other options are available on the same page as the download links.

Why can't I wish on GIO?

Wishing is unlocked through normal story progression, if you are skipping quests you will run into issues.

How can I use the teapot in GC?

Give yourself the teapot item with /give mats and use it from your inventory, then use /give teapot to get all furnishings.

The artifacts I gave myself always have the same stats?

You are using the id for a trial avatar's artifact. Look for other ids for the same artifact in the GM Handbook and try with them instead.