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YuukiPS Launcher

Guide to use YuukiPS Launcher for connecting to Private Server

Why YuukiPS Launcher ?

It has:

  • Automatic game detection (if you have an official launcher).
  • Download Metadata and UserAssembly patch or original file based on the current game version or by selecting a folder (RSA patch soon).
  • Verify Game Data and Patches based on MD5 matched from server check API.
  • Direct Patches (offline mode) using a key that supports Metadata & UserAssembly.
  • Auto-rollback to the original version, so you can play the official version without renaming it again.
  • Local proxy support, so no need for another proxy daemon running.
  • Server list support.
  • Cheat Multi (Acrepi, Minty, Bcrepi, Bkebi, Cotton, and more) (soon).
  • Other games like SR support (soon).
  • Auto-update.



Epic Games version of the game is not supported

Video Guide


  1. Get the latest version from here.

  2. Download Make sure you download the latest version.



  1. Extract the zip to a folder.

  2. Run YuukiPS.exe with administrator privileges. If the app doesn't run, see troubleshooting.

  3. Set the game path on the config tab, and then click Save.



    If you see "No game file config found", please go to troubleshooting.

  4. Select a server, and then launch.


  5. When you see a security warning, click on Yes. If you don't trust the CA, the launcher proxy won't work. (Unless you're using a separate proxy daemon, you can set this in the launcher settings by toggling off the Enable option.)


    And allow firewall access.


  6. Wait until the game launches.